There’s about 200 Millions companies in the world with unique brand names. You’ve started thinking how do I find my business name if that much names has already been taken. Yes, its true its becoming harder and harder to come up with a great business name. Luckily, there’re few simpler steps which enables to come up with a great brand name. We’ve complied a list of 10 best practices to address your need of how to find the best name for your brand in 2019.

Things to consider while selecting a brand name:

Before we dig into the list of 10 best practices for brand name selection, let’s first look at couple of things to consider during the process of name selection.

1. Keep it simple:

Simpler the name, easier it will be to pronounce and share it with public.

2. Keep it short:

Shorter brand names are more impactful than longer descriptive names. What you think about Namescheap vs Cheapwebhosting?

3. Readability-how to find the best name for your brand:

Some brand names people choose can easily be misspelled. That can be a huge impact on your clientele if you are new in business

4. Brand name with same domain:

Its important to have domain and brand names same. This can give you some serious traffic.

5. Avoid hyphens or spaces:

Some people tend to use hyphens in their brand names. That’s not OK. What if someone forget to type hyphen in browsers URL bar. You may loose one of your valuable customer.

6. Avoid the following trends:

Trends are temporary, but your brand may not. There was a trend of using -ly or -fy as post-fix and brands like Weebly did follow that. Moreover, many people try to follow trends, so there can be many similar names, which can mislead customers.

Having said that, let’s dig into the main part of the article.

10 Best Practices for how to find the best name for your brand:

I have gone through tens of articles to find best practices used by major companies for finding names of their brands. Following are most widely used and well known practices for doing that.

1. Acronyms / Abbreviations:

Acronymic names are combination of initials of multiple words. Either these are the initials of the founders or a short sentence or phrase which best describes the business. For example, KFC is abbreviation of “Kentucky Fried Chicken” and HBO which is “Home Box Office”.

2. Eponymous:

Sometimes brands gets their name their founders or the people are really inspired from. Companies like Tesla is named after Nikola Tesla due to his work for electrical engineering achievements. Armani is named after Giorgio Armani.

3. Descriptive:

Do not confuse this with the point I told in “Things to consider” section. That’s for using too long words. If carefully used, this is the best way to name your brand. Take an example of Bristish Airways. Descriptive, geographic and what they are, all in one name.

4. Associative:

Before going to define this, lemme ask you what you think about Amazon or Apple? Right, you got my point. Sometimes, brands names referred to some common things or places to describe their services. Amazon is the South America’s longest river and therefore, describes the size of company, vast majority of products. Apple, on the other hand, is about simplicity and usability. Although, there’s a story behind using Apple’s brand name and logo and its more of the accidental in kind. But, at the end, it did do the trick for them.

5. Mash-ups:

Mash-up is about combining two or more words creatively to come up with a unique name. A care is needed for such types of names due to their spellings and their readability. Immature attempt can ruin the whole meaning. Best example if Compaq, a computer manufacturing company. It is combination of “Computer” and “Pack”, describing their whole line of business. Other example is Graphexhub. It uses “Graphics” and “Experience”, post-fixing them with Hub. They are Graphics studio and provide their services for branding and graphics related stuff.

6. Foreign Words:

You are not bound to English language when it comes to naming your brand. Other languages are full of words which can describe your business and can be the name of your brand. Take an example of Verizon. Its a combination of Latin word “Veritas” which means “Truth” and mashed it with Horizon. Acer and Volvo are also taken from Latin.

7. Tell Your Story how to find the best name for your brand:

Sometimes, founders of brands don’t have time to think about the name or they can’t think of a unique word to be used as a brand name. They pick a word to tell the story later on. One such name is Virgin, that’s founder’s way of saying that they are new to business. Mozilla is another good example, when they can’t think of a name, they mashed up “Mosaic” and “Internet Browser Killer”.

8. Addition or Removal of character(s):

Sometimes, founder want to do something creative and out of the box. They add or remove a letter from the commonly used word and come up with a name. “Fiverr”, addition of “r” at the end of Fiver. This also describes their business that services starts from $5 at Fiverr or you can get your job done as less as $5 from fiver. Flickr and Tumblr removed the last vowel to come up with their unique name.

9. Ancient Myths or Literature:

Our ancient history is full of myths. If you want to give some heroic meaning to your brand, this is the best place to go. Brands like ASUS ( from mythical winged horse Pegasus ) and Nike ( goddess of victory ) are examples of such names.

10. Use Dictionary-how to find the best name for your brand:

If none of the above options worked, this is the last resort for you. Open a dictionary, explore pages one by one and mark the best words. Later on you can apply above mentioned techniques to come up with a name. If dictionary feels too much for you, you can use our Random Words Generator or Random Words Generator with meanings to come up a name of your choice. You can read the detailed instructions of using that tools from here.

Business or brand name may or may not be very important depending upon how you think about it. At the end, its the product or service which really matters. Who would remember Apple or Facebook if there products didn’t have come so far. Tiny chain of characters cannot decide the future of your company on initial stages. On longer goals, it becomes important. After getting some success, you’re being recognized by the brand name not the description of product. So, if you are on the start of business I would suggest don’t spend weeks after weeks try to hunt the best possible brand name. Go online, get help from some available tools and pick one which best suits you. You can refine along the way.

I hope this article would have helped you with what you are looking for, which is finding name for your brand. If you like, please share this with your friends and family and spread a nice word about us. Till next time, good bye and best wishes for your new business.

– Kashif